Wax My Balls

You want me to wax your what?  Ummm… No

wax my balls Yaniv

The Yaniv case is the famous – or perhaps infamous – “wax my balls” human rights case in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Jessica (nee Jonathan) Yaniv is a trans-identified male who approached several female aestheticians to request a “bro-zilian” – hair removal from the scrotum.  When they refused, Yaniv then made a complaint under the BC Human Rights Act.  In short, Yaniv attempted to use the BC Human Rights Act to legally compel women to touch male genitalia against their will.

The videos below do a good job of  explaining the case in detail. They are Megan Murphy’s interview of Jay Cameron (“Can Women Be Legally Compelled to Handle Male Genitals?”) and Benjamin Boyce’s interview of John Carpay (“Legal Impact of Yaniv Human Rights Case”), both of whom are lawyers with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) and represented the women.  This case was included for discussion in this website, as it is a *perfect* example of how morally bankrupt trans-ideology is and what it can lead to.