This page is a toolbox to help you take action.

With gender ideology being taught in school, children are being exposed to a lot of inaccurate information.  Here is a teaching tool called The Gender Scientists that you can use with your own children.  It was created by “We the Females”.

Gender Scientists – PDF

Not everyone finds it easy to write letters, so below are a couple letters sent to politicians which can be used as examples.  If anyone likes any of the wording, please feel free to use any or all in letters to your own politicians.  Use the sidebar to find out where to send your letter(s).

Letter to MP’s – PDF

Letter to Politician – PDF

Below is a submission to Canada’s Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights – in English and French

Brief to Committee – PDF


Below is an Open Letter signed by 50 French psychiatrists, paediatricians and intellectuals.

FRANCE – Changement de sexe chez les enfants: “Nous ne pouvons plus nous taire face à une grave dérive”

Below are also some Fact Sheets and a Trifold Brochure (in English, French & German) that can be used as attachments or enclosures to your letters, or handed out to people.

FACT SHEET- Transitioning Children – PDF



TRIFOLD BROCHURE – Children – PDF – p. 2 rotated for proper printing on some duplex printers

TRIFOLD – francais – QC – PDF – for Quebec

TRIFOLD – francais – FR – PDF – for France

TRIFOLD – Deutsch – PDF – for German speaking regions

The following is a printable copy of the Expert Affidavit of Dr. Stephen B. Levine, MD

Affidavit-Stephen Levine-with Exhibit

Below are some LINKS to articles that can be attached to emails:

By Dr. William J. Malone (et al): 
No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’

By Stephen B. Levine (et al): What Are We Doing to These Children? Response to Drescher, Clayton and Bacon Commentaries on Levine et al., 2022

Below is a good bibliography with links:

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