Take Action

Here are some things you can do – take action and make a difference.

Start talking about it with people – have conversations even with people you think or know may disagree with you.

Ask people the Helen Staniland Question:  Do you believe that male-bodied people with a penis should have the right to undress in front of women and young girls?   (or some similarly worded question).

The Famous Artis Birdie Rose

Refuse to comply with language demands – don’t go along with it just because it seems easier or because you “don’t want to offend” – it’s okay to be offensive.  Remember the words of Magdelan Berns… “I’d rather be rude than a fucking liar.”

Do not be intimidated by accusations of transphobia and bigotry – these words are used to shut people up.  DON’T BE PHOBIA-PHOBIC.  Take back your power and speak your mind.  Learn how to say “fuck off”.  Seriously.  Get comfortable with it.

Stand your ground and never apologize – Don’t give in and don’t give up –  let the Honey Badger be your inspiration – honey badger don’t give a shit.

When you see an example of trans-ideology impacting women and children, confront it, complain about it – don’t stay silent.

Communicate your ideas by stickering.  Put stickers in public bathrooms, locker rooms, bus-stops, construction barriers, lamp posts, around universities and colleges, or any other place you can think of.  Decorate your school books, laptop or helmet.  Given the censorship on social media, stickering is a “go-around” that works!  You can buy stickers on this website.

Write letters to your politicians – Members of Parliament, Congressman, Senators – and specifically send letters to those in charge of writing legislation (eg: Minister of Justice, Minister of Health).  Also send letters to your state and provincial governments, as well as city/municipal levels of government.

Write letters to people of influence – Woke celebrities may be “well meaning” but probably uninformed about the issue, so inform them.

Write letters to the media – even those that you think are biased and won’t listen.

The Tyranny of Woke Capitalism – by Frank Furedi

Write letters to corporations who support trans-ideology and appear to have been captured – eg: Tech companies, Banks, etc. Withdraw your business and tell them why.  The following article explains how corporations have become so captured by trans ideology and wokeness.

Write letters to other organizations who have been captured, such as large charities and non-profit organizations; Eg: Amnesty International.  Withdraw your donations and tell them why.

Write letters to organizations that use gender-neutral language (eg: “people who menstruate”, “chest-feeding”).

Include links and attachments to your letters to provide the evidence

Keep your letters factual, not emotional – don’t use inflammatory language.

If you have been negatively impacted by male incursions into women’s single sex spaces, document the incident, report it to police, report it to management and push for change.  Don’t just “let it go” – make a big stink about it.  If you have been harmed, talk about it and consider a law suit.


United Nations, Amnesty International, Planned Parenthood, Plan International, Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), National Organization for Women (NOW), Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), Starbucks, Aviva, BP, Clifford Chance, Cloudflare, Expedia, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, PayPal, Intel, Dell, IBM, Disney, George Soros, Warren and Peter Buffett, Janssen Therapeutics, Viiv, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers-Squibb Company, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Democratic Party, Labour Party (UK), Liberal Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, New Democratic Party… and many more.

Time for another delightful song by the AMAZING Ali Bee! 

The following was written by someone named “Barracker” – It’s included here because it is both bracing and inspirational.  When you are feeling discouraged, come back and give it a read, then gird your loins and keep fighting.  Thanks Barracker!

Post by Barracker (2021-03-13): Originally on Mumsnet (removed) and then Ovarit

“We need to start from first principles once more and demand a Sex Discrimination Act all over again. Written properly for our sex, to recognise and protect our sex properly. A law written for female people that recognises the reality of being female. A law with no opportunity within it, none at all, for the preposterous Trojan horse of identity to allow men to claim to be women or to punish any woman for refuting that lie.

Let our law reflect the reality before us, and let it serve the humanity it is designed to protect. No law ever created to sustain a lie will prevail in a humane society.

Men remain men, male from birth to death, in every last cell of their bodies, whatever proclamations they make, whatever certificate they obtain, and whatever lies they compel others to recite. Male. Men. All of them. Without exception.

And the days of men believing they can use the words of our sex to mask their own sex are numbered.

This farce is going to end. I’m never going to stop until it does. And I’m only one of many, many women. And if I don’t get to see the conclusion, my daughter will grow up, take up the banner and she will carry it forward. The monstrous injustice done to women by granting men the right to have our sex as their identity is going to be torn down piece by piece by female hands until it’s rubble and dust.

Female is not your identity, woman is not your identity, we are not a feeling, a status, an idea.

We are the female people they will never be, the female sex they will never know, the female bodies they will never have. We are female. We will not be owned, we will not be their costume, we will not be their human shield and we will not be a tool of their validation. Men planted a flag in female and claimed ownership of it as if it was inert ground in the Wild West there for the taking by any claimant who fancied it. But female isn’t earth to be claimed. No certificate grants you ownership of what isn’t yours and what cannot be owned. We are people, and we’re rejecting your claims. You can’t have us and you can’t be us. Female IS us.

It’s ending. The end has already begun. This era was always destined to crumble and it already is, visibly and loudly. For every woman fatigued by this fight ten others are standing up, joining it and saying, enough now. Enough.

One day, before too long, this men’s movement to claim our sex as their own, will tip, crumble and slide into oblivion. It has been obvious for some time that the end has already begun. People are now talking, thinking, refusing to comply. And all the desperate buttresses men are creating to try to hold it all together won’t be enough. No hate crime law can stop this movement ending. No censorship of women’s words will be enough. No escalation of violence will stop it. All this hatred of women we’re seeing, all these lobby groups that maneuvre, all the millions pumped into campaigning to keep it going? The threats, the coercion, the constant bombardment of everything women have ever built? All are blatantly desperate attempts to draw out the dying process which is already happening before our eyes. These are death throes of a movement that is already dying. Even if it takes years, and aggressively lashes out as it dies, its death is inevitable, and it has already begun.

Men are not women. They never will be.

Nothing, nothing in the world will ever be enough to sustain this lie that men are women. There isn’t enough force in the world to overpower the truth for anything but a fleeting, transitory moment in time. We’re the ones living through that moment. But we’ll see the end of this. It’s already happening.”