Sexual Orientation

Homosexuality is NOT Homogenderism

Sexual orientation and gender identity are separate concepts.  Homosexuality means same-sex attracted.  Gay men are homosexual males – they are attracted to other men, meaning male-bodied people.  Lesbians are homosexual females – they are attracted to other women – meaning female-bodied people.

Trans-ideology seeks to replace the idea of same-sex attraction with same-gender attraction.  In their world view, lesbians should be attracted to trans-identified males who “identify as women” even though they are male-bodied and have a penis.  Likewise, gay men should be attracted to trans-identified females who are female-bodied and who don’t have a penis.  This is unacceptable to gays and lesbians.  Gay men love the penis and lesbians do not.  They have a right to like what they like, and they have a right to have sexual boundaries.

This may all seem obvious, but it’s gotten so out of hand that lesbian dating sites are being flooded with trans-identified males who expect (and pressure) lesbians to accept them into their dating pool.  These men actually feel entitled to be accepted by lesbians as romantic partners and when they get rejected they accuse lesbians of being transphobic and bigoted, and call lesbians “vagina fetishists”.

These Are Not Lesbians  – by Graham Linehan
Teen’s #SuperStraight Hashtag Goes Viral; Trans Activists Threaten to Kill His Mother – by Diana Shaw

Interestingly, this problem is now spilling over to affect straight men as well.  The issue was rather hilariously brought to the forefront by a 16 year-old boy in the USA who created a Tik Tok video to express his frustration that as a straight male, he is tired of being expected to accept “trans-women” (males) as sexual partners.  He therefore coined a term for a “new sexuality” called “Super-Straight”.  Super-Straights are biological males who are only attracted to biological females – ie: female-bodied people ONLY.  His video captured a lot of attention and many gays and lesbians jumped on board, creating the Super-Gay and Super-Lesbian sexualities.  They jokingly created a flag, symbol and colours for the Super-Sexualities which they added to the trans-rainbow flag.  Meanwhile, trans-activists were furious and the fun ended when one of them threatened to kill the teen-boy’s mother and he was forced to take his video down.

The bottom line is…  Gays and lesbians fought long and hard for the right to be same-sex attracted, and in fact ALL people have a right to their own sexuality.  Nobody is a bigot for not being attracted to transgender people.  The following post says it best:

Lesbians protest at London Pride 2018
Tension Between LGB and T Spurs LGB Break Away to Launch LGB Alliance; T Makes Death Threats – by Diana Shaw

Many in the gay and lesbian community are fed up with the absurd demands of trans-ideology and are now distancing themselves from it.

Diana Shaw details how the LGB dropped the “T” and broke away from the transgender movement, to form the LGB Alliance.  The LGB Alliance first formed in the UK and has spread to many countries around the world.


Woke Homophobia – by Brendan O’Neill