dead terfs misogynyWhen you scratch the surface of trans-ideology and trans-activism, you quickly see the misogyny embedded within.  The hatred toward women is obvious and visceral.  Trans-ideology is not a movement where transgender people are saying “We want our rights and want to be treated with dignity, but we don’t want to impose ourselves on women’s services – we are happy to create our own and do our own thing.”  No – trans-ideology wants to completely redefine what a woman is and take over everything.  The hostility, spite and malice toward women who object, or even women in general, is incredible.  It’s pure misogyny.

Women who disagree with trans-ideology get called TERF’s.  This stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.  TERF gets used as a slur against women, regardless of whether they consider themselves radical feminists or not.  A religious or conservative woman who doesn’t consider herself a feminist is still a TERF to the trans-activists.  Women who defend their spaces and rights are maligned as TERF’s and get threatened with violence.

See for yourself – view the movie and the photo gallery.  We kept the receipts.