Welcome to Trans Truth!

This website has been created to be a source of information on the subject of transgender ideology and its impact on women and children, and to provide some tools on how to address it.  It is a compendium that covers many different topics related to transgender ideology and trans-activism.

Trans-truth.com is non-partisan and does not try to promote either left or right wing politics.  There are many links to articles, videos and other websites, which come from a variety of sources across the political spectrum.  While some of the more visible opponents of transgender ideology are religious conservatives, there are many people on the left that share the same point of view.  The truth is… these concerns are shared by people across the political spectrum and of many faiths and none.

With people from opposite sides of the political spectrum expressing the same concerns, something interesting is going on.  Explore this website and see for yourself.  

The Problem With Trans Activism – An Introduction – by Arty Morty